In addition to individual products for your boat Sail360 offers FURUNO customised navigation and communication systems.

For all ships, from a 20 foot day sailor to a luxury motor yacht of 80 feet or more. For all waters, from lake to ocean. For all sailing plans, from one afternoon sport fishing to cruises of many weeks. With a Furuno system, you choose an integrated solution for safety, communication, navigation and - if desired - fish detection. All components connect seamlessly.

All systems are based on the latest developments, tested by years of experience in professional shipping and fishing. Furuno is synonymous with the highest quality, highest reliability and superior operating comfort throughout the world. The unmatched mechanical construction complies with the strictest standards. There is no other "water sports brand" in the area who matches with FURUNO . Furuno sytems are suitable for intensive use for a very long time, most of the "fancy plastic" only for now.

FURUNO System Configuration, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, Furuno's global service network always provides a quick solution.



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