NAVnet Digital Radar Antenne Ultra High Definition radar

NAVnet Digital Radar Antenne Ultra High Definition radar

NAVnet Digital Radar UHD

Because the radar information has been digitized, the radar unit (as well as other "sensors" and fishfinders) can easily be integrated into the NAVNET navigation system. All electronics are in the units themselves, making a network cable sufficient for the transfer of images and data.


  • Digital data optimizes the detection of the target in the short and long distances.
  • Optimal Image: The width of the radar beam can be adjusted digitally.
  • View of two radar images in real time with different scopes and independent / automatic noise reduction ** 
  • 48 rpm rotation speed for short distance trips, Rotation speed adapts to the pulse length. 
  • Precise radar overlay, both 2D and 3D display *
  • The built in ARPA processor can simultaneously detect and track up to 30 targets. * / **
  • AIS overlay "AIS on radar" function *
  • A color change function can show the difference in the density of the radar targets the targets will be displayed with up to 32 colors.
  • A radar warning zone or a general alarm warns you of the potential dangers.
  • With two VRM and two EBL (Bearing to the destination) you can monitor targets in the area (VRM range ring to determine the distance).
  • The CAN bus connection, has an inbuilt antenna and makes it possible to receive direct input of external data.   

  *   Access on appropriate sensors recommended
  ** Not possible with DRS4DL

 NAVnet Digital Radar has award-winning technology available with:

  •  Radom sensor
  •  Open radar sensor

NAVnet Digital Radar UHD is TOP see more here.

FURUNO has taken its NMEA award-winning radar technology to the next level with Ultra High Definition Digital Radar. UHD™ offers crystal clear target presentation with automatic real-time digital signal processing. The antenna rotation speed (24/36/48 rpm) is automatically shifted according to the pulse length needed for optimal performance. Commercial-grade radar performance is now available in the ultimate MFD navigation suite.

Target Analyzer™ function utilizing Doppler technology spots hazardous targets instantly!

Hazardous targets are displayed in bright red

The DRS4D-NXT and the DRS6A-NXT are the first Radars in the world to use FURUNO's exclusive Target Analyzer™ function. Targets that are approaching your vessel automatically change color to help you identify potentially dangerous targets. Green echoes are targets that stay stationary, or are moving away from you, while red echoes are hazardous targets that are moving towards your vessel. Echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach, or get farther away from your vessel. Target Analyzer™ improves situational awareness and can increase safety by showing you which targets to look out for.

* DRS6A-NXT compatibility Software Version, 5.0.1 or later
* DRS4D-NXT compatibility Software Version, 3.0.1 or later

X-Treme Radar Performance
X-Class series a whole new class of Radar

The radar detects and distinguishes several small yatchs with high accuracy.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with conventional Radar technology, X-Class series mark yet another leap forward for FURUNO. Improved in almost all aspects, X-Class Radar features improved short range detection as well as an impressive long range detection of up to 96 nautical miles. And that's not all, the new "Bird Mode" gives you incredible bird detection performance.

*1 TZtouch2 software version v3.01 or later.
*2 Bird mode is also available with DRS-NXT Series.

Bird Mode*

  • Bird mode and navigation mode can both be displayed via a simultaneous dual mode scanning. Possibility to track the birds while navigating safely

Echo Trail/Echo Average

Echo Trail and Echo Average features have been added to the latest version of NavNet TZtouch2 series. Using the new functions, Bird mode detects and accurately tracks birds, providing a clear view of the target by reducing noise. Echo Trail enhances and amplifies the Target Analyzer and doppler technology to help prevent hazardous situation and gives an intuitive understanding of nearby vessel's movements.

  • True Echo Trail

  • Bird mode with Echo Average

Radar-Chart Overlay

A Radar image of spot-on accuracy can be overlaid onto the chart screen on your NavNet TZtouch2. It's not just available in the conventional 2D chart format, but it can also be projected onto a 3D chart presentation. Depending on the range scale selected, the Radar-Chart Overlay adjusts accordingly. This allows you to view the Radar-Chart Overlay at whatever magnification level you find comfortable.

ARPA Target Tracking

With ARPA Target Tracking enabled, up to 30 different targets can be tracked simultaneously. Targets can be acquired either manually or fully automatically. Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) calculates the tracked objects course and speed, as well as the CPA (Closest Point of Approach). With this information, the Radar is capable of predicting possible collision courses and sound relevant alarms. In combination with AIS, this spells increased security and ease of mind on your vessel.

Not available on DRS4DL

Real-Time Digital Auto Gain/Sea Controls

2D Raster 2D Vector

NavNet TZtouch2 employs revolutionary real-time digital auto Gain/Sea controls to deliver a crystal clear radar presentation. With this new technology, NavNet TZtouch2 computes and applies an adaptive omni-directional anti-clutter filter with variable intensity according to vessel bearing. With the use of this technology, automatic gain and sea clutter have achieved such a high level of proficiency that one rarely needs to venture into the manual modes. Set the Radar to auto and focus on more important things at hand.

Simultaneous Dual Range Radar Scanning

Simultaneous scanning technology sends out a dual progressive scan that is processed and presented on the NavNet TZtouch2. This technology allows for two different radar ranges to be displayed simultaneously, each range with autonomous control over gain and anti-clutter settings. One of the many things that can be done with dual range scanning is, for example, to set one range for bird detection and the other for navigation.

Not available on DRS4DL

AIS Target Tracking

When connecting a FURUNO FA-30/50/170 AIS unit to your NavNet Series devices, up to 100 AIS targets can be tracked and displayed on the Radar screen. The Automatic Identification System (AIS) improves safety during travel by sharing the status and position of your vessel with other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. You can easily read detailed information about AIS-equipped vessels nearby such as speed, heading and more.

NavNet TZtouch2 Radar Sensor Options

Output Power 4 kW 25 W 25 W 6 kW 12 kW 25 kW
Size 19 inch 24 inch 3.5 ft/4 ft/6 ft 3.5 ft/4 ft/6 ft 4 ft/6 ft 4 ft/6 ft
Antenna Type Radome Radome Open Open Open Open
Beam Width Horizontal 5.2° 3.9° 2.3°/1.9°/1.35° 2.3°/1.9°/1.35° 1.9°/1.35° 1.9°/1.35°
Vertical 25° 25° 22° 22°/22°/22° 22°/22° 22°/22°
Max. Range 36 NM 36 NM 72 NM 96 NM 96 NM 96 NM
48 rpm Capability

Functions Head-up, North-up*, True Echo Trail, TT, AIS Head-up, North-up*, Target Analyzer, Bird mode, True Echo Trail, Bird mode, TT, AIS Head-up, North-up*, True Echo Trail, Bird mode, TT, AIS
Dual Range Scanning

(Range is limited to 12 NM)

(Range is limited to 12 NM)

MFD version required 5.01 3.01 5.01 3.01 4.01 4.01

* Heading input required. 
The NAVnet digital radar UHD complies with IEC62252 Ed. 1:2004 (Clauses 4.33, 5,33, Annex D) relevant to radio characteristic.

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