NAVnet Digital Radar Antenne Ultra High Definition radar

NAVnet Digital Radar Antenne Ultra High Definition radar

Because the radar information has been digitized, the radar unit (as well as other "sensors" and fishfinders) can easily be integrated into the NAVNET navigation system. All electronics are in the units themselves, making a network cable sufficient for the transfer of images and data.


  • Digital data optimizes the detection of the target in the short and long distances.
  • Optimal Image: The width of the radar beam can be adjusted digitally.
  • View of two radar images in real time with different scopes and independent / automatic noise reduction ** 
  • 48 rpm rotation speed for short distance trips, Rotation speed adapts to the pulse length. 
  • Precise radar overlay, both 2D and 3D display *
  • The built in ARPA processor can simultaneously detect and track up to 30 targets. * / **
  • AIS overlay "AIS on radar" function *
  • A color change function can show the difference in the density of the radar targets the targets will be displayed with up to 32 colors.
  • A radar warning zone or a general alarm warns you of the potential dangers.
  • With two VRM and two EBL (Bearing to the destination) you can monitor targets in the area (VRM range ring to determine the distance).
  • The CAN bus connection, has an inbuilt antenna and makes it possible to receive direct input of external data.   

  *   Access on appropriate sensors recommended
  ** Not possible with DRS4DL

 NAVnet Digital Radar UHD has award-winning technology available with:

  •  Radom sensor
  •  Open radar sensor

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