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The Furuno brand is known for its safe and reliable maritime products. Not only are the products of the brand of high quality, the working method of Furuno also deserves attention. Not only do they have an eye for the end result during production, but just like our web shop, the way to go here is just as important. Furuno products are produced in a fair, solid, sincere and ethical way, complying with international regulations. This is one of the reasons why the various Furuno products are available in our webshop.

What does Furuno produce?

Furuno was founded in 1948, responding to the need for navigation and communication equipment for the maritime industry. Today Furuno is still a forerunner in this field and produce many different types of high-tech products, such as radar, gps, fishfinders, sonar and fish detection, but also boat networks. The safety and efficiency of navigation are always paramount at Furuno when new products are developed and brought onto the market.

In our webshop you will find many different Furuno products. Not only do you find the standard products, but you can also purchase customized Furuno systems for the dimensions and sailing area of your boat to be able to use the products with even more accuracy.

Ordering with Sail360

Sail360 is a webshop where you can find everything for your water sports activities. Not only do we have Furuno products, but also brands like Marinepool or Scanstrut can be found in our webshop. In our selection we naturally look at the quality of the end product, but we also find it important that the road to go here is good for the environment and the brands take social engagement into account. We have set our course in this way and continue sailing so that in the future we can continue to enjoy all the beauty that water sports has to offer.

Sail360 started from the own experiences of Ingrid Durge, owner of Sail360, with water sports. These experiences are also taken into account when making decisions about the products that are offered on the web shop. For example, we personally stand behind brands like Furuno and we will not offer products that we ourselves have bad experiences with or for which we do not support for other reasons. That is one of the many advantages of ordering with Sail360. Of course you also have the right to return an item within 14 days of purchase, you have 2 years warranty on your purchased products and you can count on a worldwide service of the products of Furuno.

Can you not find your Furuno products on our website?

Do you want to use the many advantages that we have to offer as a webshop, but is the Furuno product of your choice not on our website? Please contact us. We are happy to see if we can be of service with the Furuno product of your choice, when you mail to info@sail360.nl or call 0031-252-544772. For general questions you can also contact us and we will also be happy to tell you all about the Furuno products and the benefits you can experience.

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