If you want to enjoy the water sports relaxed, an autopilot is a good choice. Thanks to a good autopilot your vessel will keep heading even when you release the steering wheel. This allows you to fully enjoy your speed thanks to an autopilot, without having to keep sticking to your course continuously. There is so much more beautiful to see when you feel the space to look around you. Of course it is of great importance that the autopilot is of good quality, so that you can also rely on the precision of the product. At Sail360 we understand that and we have made a selection for you in products of which we value the price / quality ratio. Not only do we look at the end product, however, because the road to this is also important.

The autopilot and other Sail360 products

At Sail360 you can find online the autopilot or other products for water sports enthusiasts you are looking for. We ensure that price and quality are in proportion to each other, but in addition to the final product, the social responsibility that comes with producing these products is of great importance. In this way we also look at the environmental protection and social engagement of the brands before we offer them in our webshop.

The passion for water sports products, such as the autopilot, is not only business-related to our web shop, but rather originated from a personal experience with maritime navigation. Owner Ingrid Durge has always been involved in water sports and has therefore rolled out her personal experiences to a professional web shop. This way you can be assured that you purchase products from us, from sailing clothing to autopilot, where we actually stand behind.

Which autopilot do you want to purchase?

Purchasing an autopilot can be a considerable investment and we therefore understand that you do not want to purchase the first product that you come across. In our webshop you will find many products, including the autopilot, from Furuno , a brand known for safe and reliable products and a fair working method. They offer an autopilot on which you can rely and therefore we offer these products in our webshop.

Of course, we do not only want to offer the autopilot to you and make it easy for you to order it online. Also the service before and after the purchase of an autopilot, for example, is of great importance to us. Would you like to know more about the product that your eye has fallen on? Then of course we will gladly help you with all the information we have about the autopilot or the other product of your choice.

How can you reach us?

When purchasing an autopilot via our web shop, you can easily obtain information from us by, for example, mailing to info@sail360.nl or by calling 0031-252-544772 between 09:00 and 19:00. We will then personally answer all your questions and would also like to tell you more about our working method. Even when you have ordered the autopilot or one of the other products, we are happy to help you with questions. If the product does not match your expectations, you can return it to us within 14 days. That is the course we are sailing with the Autopilot at Sail360.

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