MARINEPOOL Sailing Clothing

Sailing clothing should of course be beautiful and fashionable, but is especially important to protect you from the sun and wind that you are exposed to during a sailing trip. It is therefore important to purchase special sailing clothing in order to experience your sailing trips in a comfortable and stylish way. In our webshop you will find various styles and types of sailing clothing that are made for men and women who love sailing and want to do this in a fashionable way. So you have a wide choice with us to enjoy your water sports in a safe way.

Sailing clothing as a conscious choice

For several reasons the Sail360 sailing clothing is a conscious choice. Firstly, sailing clothing is a conscious choice, because it has to protect you from the sun and wind that you are exposed to on the water. Everyone is aware that these elements do not always have a positive effect on your appearance and health, but not enough people take action, for example with good sailing clothes, to protect themselves against this.

In addition, choosing sailing clothing from Sail360 is also a conscious choice because we not only look at the end product, which must of course be of high quality and design, but also towards the road here. In our assortment you will only find sailing clothing that has been developed in a fair way. Social commitment and environmental protection are also of great importance in the development of sailing clothing. After all, you want to enjoy the beautiful nature that you encounter during your sailing trips and we see it as our responsibility to contribute by offering only sailing clothing from brands that also take this into account.

Which sailing clothing can be ordered at Sail360?

Sailing Clothing is easy to order at Sail360. We have sailing clothing of the Marinepool brand, but we also have many other products in our range, such as Scanstrut housings for your maritime FURUNO equipment. In short, you will find everything for water sports from sailing clothes to appliances on our webshop. With all our products we find it very important that the customer is satisfied, both with the products and with our service. We are ready to answer your questions and you can return the products within 14 days if, for example, they do not meet the expectations or if the sailing clothing does not fit. In short, we are only satisfied when you are and we strive to sail a course with which every customer can perform his or her water sports in a pleasant way with our products.

Want to know more about us or our products?

Of course we understand when you first want more information from us when you want to purchase sailing gear or one of our other products. Do you also have questions about the products of our webshop or about our method in general? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. All your questions about sailing clothing or other products for example you want to order we answer quickly and personally when you mail to info@sail360.nl or call 0031-252-544772.

We also accept orders from the Marinepool catalog.

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