FURUNO NAVnet Netwerk metTztouch Multifunctional Touch Screens

NAVnet TZtouch Technology represents a huge step forward in Multifunctional Touch Screens!

Since the introduction of the very first NAVnet-system, Furuno has gone a long way to reach the top level where TZtouch Technology now stands. Take a look and you will see how far Furuno is already. A generous display with a borderless glass surface ensures a tight and stylish viewing angle or steering position. The LED backlight pushes light through each pixel on the screen and provides outstanding brightness and rich contrast. The special anti-reflection layer on the glass surface guarantees visibility under all lighting conditions, even in case of direct sunlight. NAVnet ZTtouch is available in 9, 12, 14, or 15-inch versions and display formats.

Set up one (or multiple) multifunctional display (s) together with a wide range of "sensors" to a fully integrated navigation system for each type of ship and all imaginable sailing areas. A Furuno system always responds to 100% of your custom requirements!

The benefits of NAVnet TZtouch:

  • Latest technology based on many years of practice experience.
  • Bright and clear screen display even with direct sunlight.
  • Components fully aligned.
  • Mechanically iron strong.
  • Easy installation with NMEA 2000 and Ethernet ("plug & play").
  • NAVnet TZtouch Technology has global service.