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Customer service:

1 Order Articles


Create an account in our webshop please

To get the most out of the website, you can register via the registration form on the website. During the registration process, you will choose a username and password that will allow you to log in to the website after registering.

2 Payment of Articles

You can now order and pay for the desired items. You will receive an invoice from us that you can use for your accounting. If the goods are sent to you by the Fulfillment company, you will receive a Track-and-Trace code from us so that you can follow the delivery of the goods. In general, the goods are available at the delivery address within a few days. This depends on the country to which the goods are to be sent.

Do you have questions send us a ticket or mail info@sail360.nl, or call us at 0031-252-544772

3 Do you want to exchange or cancel articles?

You have the right to terminate the distance contract with Sail360 within 14 calendar days of ordering the product if the goods do not meet your requirements. Within this withdrawal period, you must handle the product and the packaging carefully. Only open the packaging and only use the product to the extent necessary to verify the nature and characteristics of products.

How to return an article

When you return an item, we assume that the article is complete - and as far as reasonably possible - in the original state and in the original factory packaging. The basic principle is that you use / inspect the article as allowed in a store. If an article is damaged, compensation can be charged.
Note: clothing may only be returned if the clothing has not been worn and the labels have not been removed. Try on the clothes is of course allowed. Ordered equipment may not be used or mounted.


Example of returning an Aritcle 

    You arrive at a page where you can see recent orders. Then click on view next to the item you               want to return

    You now enter the overview of the respective order. Here you can click the Return button in the              lower right corner to create the return, and you can specify why you want to return the                          shipment.

Then click on the send button to inform the webshop that you are sending back an Article. We would like to receive information from You of your return shipment so that we can arrange a quick refund. That is why every return shipment in your account starts with a Log in, go to your order and return the item

You will then be notified by the webshop where you can return the product too. 


  • Save your shipping receipt and send it with track and trace. This allows us to trace your shipment if something goes wrong.
  • Multiple items return? That is possible in the same way.
  • You can also return via a ticket or email that you send to info@sail360.nl
  • You may also call us 0252 544772.
  • Always state your order number
  • Never send anything without notice, your reimbursement come in danger because we do not know what and by whom something has been sent,


Are you happy with your order?

That is how we like it! We would like to hear from you how happy you are with your order. Write a review about your product on our website with your review you can win € 100, - of accessories of your choice

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24/7 wereldwijde service
Eenvoudige doe-het-zelf-montage
Wij monteren bij ons gekochte apparatuur ook
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