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Shipping & Returns

Revocation Right / Return Right
Customer has the right to dissolve without giving reasons the deal with Sail360 within 14 calendar days after ordering the product of distance contracts, free of charge. The article must be returned after an returnnumber has given by Sail360. Within the withdrawal period customer will handle the product and packaging with care. Customer will just open the package and use the product only to the extent that this is necessary in order to ascertain the nature, characteristics, and performance of products.
Customer shall only be liable for diminished value of the product which is the result of a way of dealing with the product beyond permitted in the preceding paragraph.
When customer returns an item, we assume that the article is complete - and as far as reasonably possible - is in its original condition and in its original factory packaging. The basic principle is that customer uses the product / inspects as it should in a store. When an item is send back and damaged customer can be charged for damages.
Caution: clothing may only be returned if the clothing is not worn and the tags are not removed.
Trying out of the clothes is ofcourse always possible .

Items can be returned to:
Return Number supplied via our Website (Applications via our website Sail360.nl)