Privacy Policy

Your personal data
This is included in the customer base of Sail360. Your data will be used for the assessment, the availability and performance of the supply and management of the resulting customer relationship, including the targeted marketing activities by Sail360, the recovery of payments, fraud prevention and compliance with legal obligations.

Privacy and the Internet
At each visit to our website your IP address and, if possible domain name will be recognizedand automatically by our server. Sail360 stores and uses this data not as individual personal information, but only to analyze the navigation, visited pages and ordered items can thus be used to improve awareness, functionality and content of the website.

Your email address
Your email address is stored only if you provide it to us directly or if it is provided in connection with an order or a question for us. Sail360 uses the email address for the purpose for which you provide it. Your email address will be used only internally and will never be disclosed to third parties for commercial use.

Any information you voluntarily provide to us through our website will be stored and used for marketing and service purposes. If Sail360 save your information and intends to use it for purposes that are not yet included in our privacy policy, we will inform you in advance, so you have the opportunity to refuse permission.

You may have already heard about the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)(AVG) .

This regulation offers an increased level of privacy protection and is effective from 25 May 2018. In the Netherlands, data regulations were already amongst the strictest in the world. We comply with the new GDPR standard, our WEBshop works on the Lightspeed Platform who is Certified.

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