Legenda Furuno Products

Connection with Black Box 
NAVnet compatible
Video-In port
Video-Out port
Videao-In and Out port
NMEA compatible
NMEA2000 compatible
Internal Fish Finder
UHD facilitates fully automatic, high precision gain and sea clutter and tuning control for hands-free operation and optimum performance

Internal GPS antenna for simple and easy installation

Furuno digital fish finders feature advanced filtering capabilities and digital auto tuning, which eliminate noice and hence automatically spotting individual fish with staggering accuracy and detail.
Distinguish four categories of types of soil: rocks, sand, gravel and mud.
Recognize individual fish from 2m to 100m depth. 2-200m depth (DFF1-UHD)
Time Zero-Technologie macht es möglich, in vergrößern und verkleinern, Anzeigemodus zu ändern und nahtlos Routen verwalten.
Screen Operation with keys on the display

Clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses

Multitouch display
Plug-and-play installation
Also a good readable display with sunlight 

The LCD and AR glass are bonded together to ensure no fogging issues

Shows maps in 3D