NAVnet Autopilot easy self installation

If you want to start using FURUNO NAVnet Autopilots the "A-TOP BRAND" it is nice if you understand the operation of an autopilot more or less.

In fact, you give the steerwheel out of your hands and that is what you want to do with peace of mind. A NAVnet autopilot offers the possibility not to have to steer yourself when you are sailing. The autopilot ensures that you sail safely without having to keep the hands on the steering wheel all the time. The NAVnet autopilot is particularly convenient to use. After installing it you can turn on the autopilot with just a push of a button and sail away. When the autopilot is switched on you can adjust the speed of the boat as desired.

An autopilot from FURUNO from our range of autopilots is made of quality materials and has been tested by professional sailors and has a lot of confidence. The NAVNET pilots of FURUNO are suitable for most ships. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can trust on  the FURUNO worldwide network of service stations. The warranty on the autopilot is 2 years. 

Quality autopilots for the professional shipping now also available for the Watersport with very simple installation. Possible by the PHANTOM Feedback  please read here more : Phantom Feedback at the NAVnet autopilot

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