FURUNO NAVnetTZtouch3 New Boat Navigation System

FURUNO NAVnetTZtouch3 New  Boat Navigation System

The successful Furuno NAVnetTZtouch3 series has now three versions that are not only a stand-alone plotter and fish finder, but also suitable for later expansion into an integrated navigation system with radar and AIS but also for a glass bridge 

All products NMEA awards 2021

NavNetTZtouch3 incorporates a fast quad-core processor so you can scroll, pan, and zoom in/out completely smooth & seamlessly. Plus, you can navigate in a 3D environment, offering you a realistic perspective and an expanded view of the area around your boat. The 3D chart perspective is perfect for planning and navigating routes.

NAVnetTZtouch3 is available in the versions TZT9, TZT12F, TZT16F and TZT19F

KEY Features: 

  • Quad Core Processor
  • 100W &200W NXT-Solid State Doppler Radar
  • Multibeam sonar till 300 m depth & 200 m Side Scan
  • Big 16 inch en 19 inch Multi-Touch IPS Display for maximum brightness
  • Multi Touch operation 
  • Glued-fog display 
  • Interfaces: CAN bus, LAN, USB, video OUT / IN, SDXC card slot, fish finder
  • Integrated GPS & dual-frequency 1 kW Fish finder Black Box
  • Integrated WLAN module (WiFI)
  • Weather chart service via WLAN
  • Wireless view or use on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with TZ touch Viewer or Remote App
  • 30,000 waypoints and 30,000 track-points
  • 200 planned routes with 500 points per route 
  • Unlock code function to protect your data from theft

NavNetTZtouch3 has a powerful internal 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP ™ fish finder, but you need more power. The Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP) is a powerful 2/3 kW amplifier that is connected to the internal TruEcho CHIRP ™ fish finder. By connecting the Deep Impact (DI-FFAMP) to the internal fish finder, your performance will increase raised a 2/3 kW CHIRP fish finder. Powerful TruEcho CHIRP ™ ensures that your echoes return strongly and clearly to every depth range and that fish targets and bottom structure are displayed with astonishing clarity. With Deep Impact, you can also connect a 5 kW or 10 kW converter to the BT-5. In addition to the built-in fish finder, you can also connect the NAVnet ZT3 to the DFF3, BBDS1, or DFF-3D via Ethernet.

NavNetTZtouch3 Network no more WAYPOINT losses, easily set up routes with TZ CLOUD

You can create your routes at home with TZ Navigator, a web browser or the TZ iBoat iOS app. You can then retrieve them from the cloud and download them to your NavNet TZtouch3. Automatically and securely retrieve your data at home and synchronize with My TimeZero

TZTouch3 cloud

This equipment can all be connected as needed. Call us for more information 0031- 252-544772 or send us a mail for a quotation [email protected]

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