About us

SAIL360 watersport and  boot equipment  

Sail360 is an independent company, which operates in the water sport sector. Ingrid Durge is the owner and has many years  experience in the maritime industry. Watersport has always been a private activity but has now rolled out professionally.

Sail360 has a number of motivated employees who can work well with the new markets / e-commerce today. Another way of working that is not yet widely applied within the maritime industry. We are a European mail-order company in the field of Watersport Fishery and Workboats with a wide range of Articles. We have a good pricing and can offer the customer brand / quality at an excellent price / performance ratio.

The basic and essential element of Sail360 is that we work with manufacturers with which we have experience over 30 years. Worldwide, you can count on the services of the manufacturers we represent.
Guarantee on the products we sell is 2 years. 

There are so many good reasons to mention that you can become a customer. Quality, service and affordable prices, while a helpful team with the passion and motivation for the product that we sell that's where our customers can rely on.