RADAR for all type of Ship

The name FURUNO is synonymous with radar of the highest quality a FURUNO product on your ship proves that you are only satisfied with the very best.

The wide range of FURUNO is available for each type of ship of any size, from a compact LCD for smaller yachts to high-end LCD for mega yachts with a larger dome or beam (slot antenna) and larger display with a higher resolution. A larger antenna and more transmission power offer a wider range. The distinctive character of all types of FURUNO radars is unprecedented.

FURUNO products are produced exclusively with high quality components, based on the strict requirements of professional shipping and fishing. The particularly solid construction and optimal weather resistance of the equipment forms the basis for the long life of all FURUNO products. Even in the most extreme conditions, the equipment has proven itself in practice by its excellent physical features.

The name "FURUNO" means so much more than just an image of a company name, it offers the assurance of a long life and the guarantee of optimal operation when it really matters.

Users over the whole world will with no doubt confirm this of the Radar .


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