FURUNO and Fish detection

Cruising in shallow water without Echo Sounder can be tricky and treacherous shallows can cause your boat to get stuck in the sand or on the stones. Fortunately, thanks to a echo sounder, your boat never gets stuck, because you know exactly how much water you have under the keel. An echo-sounder on your boat is not only used to prevent uncomfortable delays, but you also prevent damage to your propeller with this equipment. Of course, the choice of a specific echo-sounder per boat is different, but with Sail360 you will always find a echo-sounder for your boat against an honest price / quality ratio.

Why a Echo Sounder for your boat?

You can purchase a echo-sounder for your boat for various reasons. Sticking in both sand and stones will not do any good to your boat or propeller and so a echo-sounder can protect your boat from unnecessary damage. Of course this is not the only reason why you could place a echo-sounder in the boat. Safe and confident sailing can also be a reason. Thanks to the echo-sounder you can maneuvring the boat safely and confidently through the waters, you can enjoy your water sports more relaxed and you do not have to worry about damage or loss of time if the boat could possibly get stuck

Not only the echo-sounder can be used on the boat when sailing in shallow water, fishermen also  use a echo-sounder / fish-finder to know which fish species they can expect. This way you can see that a echo-sounder not only makes your boat safer, but also has other functions for the various users.

Buying an Echo Sounder for your boat at Sail360

At Sail360 we personally have a lot of experience with commercial shipping. All our products, from radar to chart plotter, autopilot or housings for the installation of these products, or sailing clothing are therefore chosen by us and that means that we stand actually behind these products. For example, our customers can purchase an echosounder on the boat from us, whereby we ourselves find the relationship between price and quality of great importance. You can therefore be confident that all our end products, including the echosounder for the boat, are of high quality and you never pay too much.

As a lover of water sports, however, we do not only find the final product of interest. The way in which, for example, the echosounder for the boat is made is also a reason for us to include the product in our product range or not. We therefore look at sustainability, environmental friendliness, social engagement and the quality of the end product before we decide whether the echosounder for the boat and all our other products will be available in our webshop.

Want to know more about our products and methods?

Of course we understand that the purchase of an echo sounder makes the boat safer, but that the cost of it are not small. We are happy to help with giving more information, so that you can install an echo sounder on your boat that suits your sailing habits and wishes. You can easily reach our employees via info@sail360.nl or by calling 0031-252-544772 so that we can personally provide you with all information about  the echo sounder for the boat or other types of water sports equipment.


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