FURUNO M1835 Color Boat Radar

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M1835 Boat Radar is a high contrast LCD radar designed for a wide range of vessels including pleasure craft, fishing boats, and work boats. This new radar offers crystal clear target presentation with automatic Gain/Sea/Rain controls to deliver noise-free radar presentation. It features superb detection of even small targets both at short and long range. It also boasts all-new display modes which will assist you with navigating safely on all waters.

M1835 Boat Radar will be delivered with:

  • Bonded 10,4"color LCD Display   
  • Antenna Unit 24"Radom 4kW
  • Power Cable 5 m  
  • 12-24vdc


  • Antenna Rotation Speed 24 rpm pro minute
  • Range 0.0625 36 NM
  • AIS/ARPA target-tracking with zoom display function*1
  • True View mode*2
  • Enhanced auto tuning/gain/anti-clutter controls
  • True Echo Trail to present true target movements*3
  • Full Screen Mode lets operators observe a wider overview around the vessel
  • Echoes in yellow, green, orange or multiple colors
  • Easy-to-install 10.4" portrait color LCD (350 cd) display
  • *1  AIS FA-30/50/150 and Auto Plotter ARP-11 is required to display AIS and ARPA targets,        
    Heading data required
    *3  Heading and position data required with this radar

M1835 Boat Radar is easy to install

  Enhanced Sunlight Viewable Auto Tuning (Sensitivity)Bonded LCD

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