FURUNO Autopilots and Compasses NAVNET/ NAVPILOT-700

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Autopilot NAVpilot-700, sit back relax, and let the autopilot steer you to your destination!!!

The FURUNO NAVpilot-700 is a revolutionary autopilot suitable for a wide variety of ships from small open boats to large yachts. Suitable as standalone autopilot or as part of a complete NAVnet Navigation System. The controlunit is even in bright sunlight perfectly readable.  It uses a self-learning and adaptive software, and has the role of keeping the ship on course and adjust dynamically, that are essential parameters for navigation the ship speed, trim, design, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in the system memory and is constantly optimised.

Navpilot-700 Autopilot scope of supply:

  • Control unit Navpilot-700
  • Processor unit FAP-7002
  • Rudder Reference unit FAP-6112 with 20 mtr cable
  • 15 meter connection cable (Furuno CANbus / NMEA-2000)
  • Terminating resistor
  • Standard spare parts and manual


  • 4.6 inch monochrome display
  • 160 x 160 pixels
  • A Wizzard will help you through the installation Programm
  • Self-learning software with automatic refinement of control commands.
  • "Economy" and "Precision" navigation modes deliver fuel savings of 2.5% or more.
  • Unique "Fish Hunter" mode for targeted fishing with automatic sailing patterns (square, zigzag, circle, spiral and figure 8).
  • Two-way NMEA2000 network connection (Furuno CAN bus) for secure connection to system, also supports NMEA 183.
  • Design is fully in line with NavNet, FI70 instruments, GP33 and GP39 GPS Navigator and RD33 Data Display.

Fantum feedback funtion:

Furuno's Fantum feedback function makes a physical rudder position indicator for stern outboard motors and stern drives unnecessary. It clears the way to a simplified installation and improved steering control. This new software has been developed and extensively tested on ships with both hydraulic and electric steering, in combination with a large number of types of outboard engines and stern drives.


  • SAFE HELM, the NAVpilot switches to manual control (for a certain time interval), thus removing it from the automatic steering mode (AUTO, NAV, etc.). After the time interval has elapsed, SAFE HELM is deactivated and the previous automatic steering mode is restored.
    POWER ASSIST provides an interface for a ship's hydraulic steering system for optimum steering comfort and control over steering directly from a manual rudder on the ship. These functions offer speed-dependent, power-assisted steering, reducing the manual work on board. For this a power steering module and a pumpset are required, depending on your ship let us inform you. email info@sail360.nl

The Perfect Autopilot for stern drives, steering with outboard engines but also for inboard engines.

Suitable for all electrical and hydraulic drives.

Suitable for sailing and motor yachts, fishing vessels and work boats

We recommend to connect the specially developed PG-700 sensor (Electronic Compass  to the Furuno NAVPILOT-700 for optimal course stabilization.

Autopilots and compasses NAVNET / NAVPILOT-700

If your boat is equipped with a NavNet TZtouch system, you can take full advantage of the NAVpilot-700 / 711C from the NavNet TZtouch display, you can activate the AUTO mode of the NAVpilot-700 / 711C and change the set course by pressing tap the arrow buttons, by touching a slider bar with your finger or the RotoKey ™, or by dragging the arrow with your finger


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