FURUNO DFF-3D NAVnet Network Mult Beam Sonar

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FURUNO DFF-3D NAVnet Multibeam Echolood /Fishfinder

The highly advanced FURUNO DFF-3 Multi Beam Sonar (like the DFF1-UHD and BBDS1 echo sounder / fish finders) is intended for connection to the versatile Furuno NAVnet multifunctional displays / TZTL12F und TZTL15F vor NAVnet TZT2 network.

What is a NAVnet Network Multi Beam Sonar.

De DFF-3 NAVnet Multi Beam Sonar offers you an intuitive and easy to understand image under your boat in an angle of 120 ° to the underwater world. This allows you to recognize fishing spots, find fish in deep water faster and also see the direction in real time of the fish schools in motion. Fish targets are displayed in 3 D in the water column, so you can determine the hot spots for fish and mark them as route points for later. Surprisingly, the waypoint contains the depth data so that you know exactly where you'll put your line! But you can, for example, also better understand the structure of a wreck or understand the seabed structure. At deep water the main beam penetrates right under the boat at a depth of more than 300 meters, the visibility ofcourse depends on the clarity of the water and the weather conditions.


FURUNO DFF-3D Muiltibeam sonar 120 graden look

he DFF-3D NAVnet Mulit Beam Sonar has a built-in motion sensor in the transducer that stabilizes the display for clear and stable images, even under harsh sea conditions. The fishfinder image can be displayed in realtime  (directly below the boat) or in three directions 120 ° (middle, left and right side / scan). The transducer and the bucket block are just 14 cm long and are in a perfect shape for all boats  and sizes and therefore simple to assemble.

FURUNO transducers B54 and TM54

DFF-3D NAVnet Multi Beam Sonar scope of supply:

  • DFF3-D NAVnet Blackbox Multi Beam Sonar
  • 1 xTransducer B54 or TM54 inclusive order to your choise
  • 5 M LAN Kabel
  • Standard installation material


  • DFF-3D NAVnet Black Box Multi Beam Sonar works with TZtouch2 multifunction displays
  • 4 display options Cross section,3D Sounder historie, Tripple beam Sounder en Side Scan
  • TX- Frequency 165kHz
  • Watertight IP55
  • Depth ranges from 5 up to 1200 m, minimum Range 3 M
  • Output power 800W
  • Audio and visual alarms for water depth, fish echoes and water temperature
  • Supply voltage: 12-24 volt DC
  • Interface 1 x LAN, 1 x external KP
  • Dimensions: 316 (H) x 380 (W) x 120 (D) mm
  • Weight Procesor: 3 kg, Transducer with block 3,2 kg
  • This sonar/ fish finder is suitable for pleasurecraft, fishery and work boats

View fish motion and structure of the ground like never before:

Easy installation of the DFF-3D NAVnet multibeam sonar

A display of the NAVnet serie is not included in the price.

Aansluitingen DFF-3D

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Brochure FURUNO DFF-3D NAVnet Multibeam Sonar

Brochure Transducers special for DFF-3D


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